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Our High School Math Solution is more than a blend of print and technology — it gives you the freedom to teach your way. Our write-in consumable textbooks facilitate active learning to get your students to collaborate and engage with others, think critically, and gain a deeper understanding of math. MATHia, our intelligent, 1-to-1 math software, doesn't just tell students when they're wrong — it's like having a coach by your side, providing real-time feedback and examples to show students why they got a problem wrong, and how to get it right.

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Soaring Above State Averages in Frisco, TX

Frisco Independent School District has used the Carnegie Learning Math Solution with Professional Learning services for four years, and the change has been significant. Chantelle Elliott, the District Math Coordinator, says, "The kids have a lot more stamina and are willing to stick with something a bit longer. They're not so reliant on the teacher, but look to each other for information. They not only have the mathematical skills, but problem-solving skills too." In 2016, 91% of Frisco ISD students met state standards on the STAAR exam.

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Miami-Dade Sees Unparalleled Assessment Results with Carnegie Learning

Miami-Dade County Public Schools has partnered with Carnegie Learning for more than 15 years to increase student math achievement in the district. After independent research conducted by the Reliability Group showed that students using the Carnegie Learning curriculum scored significantly higher on the FCAT than students using a different curriculum, Miami-Dade selected Carnegie Learning as a partner to implement their innovative iPrep Math Model with a Race to the Top Grant.

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